As dentists, we cannot stress enough how much at-home dental care is important, even when comparing to the importance of regularly seeing as and coming tour office. We see many patients with many different problems and the over-arching theme of our patients is that they wan to be as healthy as they possibly can. We […]

Dental phobia or fear of going to the dentist can stem from a variety of things or traumas, but most usually because of a fear of the unknown. Most people would rather live with the pain in their mouth than head to the dentist and get it treated. The problem with that is that you […]

Here at OC Children’s Dentistry in Orange, CA, your children’s teeth are our main priority. While pediatric dental crowns are uncommon, they are in some cases necessary to keep your child’s health from deteriorating. As children grow, it’s no secret that they may be more prone to indulge in sweets and exude dental habits that […]

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