Everything You Need to Know About Dental Fillings

Dental phobia or fear of going to the dentist can stem from a variety of things or traumas, but most usually because of a fear of the unknown. Most people would rather live with the pain in their mouth than head to the dentist and get it treated. The problem with that is that you can potentially be making the pain worse by waiting around and hoping it will go away on its own. A very common source of pain in the mouth comes from cavities. The way to cure or fix cavities is by a dental filling. In this article, we will discuss exactly what happens at a dental filling appointment, why you and your child shouldn’t be scared of them, and why they are so necessary.

Why Dental Fillings Are a Common and Necessary Treatment

We all have bacteria in our mouth; it is just a reality of science. The bacteria in our mouth also feeds on the food we eat and sometimes when we don’t exhibit proper oral care habits; we leave some food behind in our mouths for the bacteria to feast on. These bacteria produce an acid that eventually makes a hold in or teeth, known as a cavity. If you ignore this cavity, over time the problem will become much worse, making painful and leave you needing a root canal or the loss of a tooth. All of this can be avoided by scheduling a simple and painless appointment of getting a dental filling.

Why You Need Dental Fillings

There are a few types of dental fillings that will make your mouth healthy and pain-free. Depending on your budget and your exact needs, your dentist will determine which material is best. Your options include amalgam, composite, and porcelain fillings.

The Dental Filling Treatment

Filling consist of 4 major steps. First comes numbing of the procedure site, then the implementation of additional comfort by means of a rubber dam and bite block in your mouth. Then comes the actual removal of the decay with a drill and finally the placement of the filling.

At OC Children’s Dentistry in Orange, CA, we can help your child with any cavity they may want have in a great environment with pain-free techniques. Give us a call today t schedule their first appointment!