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Orange County Dental Extractions

Our goal is to try to protect your child’s teeth until they will naturally exfoliate. However, in some cases when a tooth has extensive decay or an infection, Dr. Ruiz may recommend removing the tooth. Think your child may need a tooth extraction? Let us know!

Reasons for a Tooth Extraction

Dr. Ruiz may also recommend removing a tooth if it’s over-retained or the patient is unable to remove it on their own. Sometimes, your child’s orthodontist may recommend removing a tooth (or teeth) if your child’s mouth is very crowded. Dr. Ruiz will need to evaluate your orthodontist’s recommendation and usually feels comfortable performing those extractions.

Getting a Tooth Extraction

Although a tooth extraction may sound quite scary, advancements in dentistry have actually made it a quite simple and painless procedure. During your child’s dental extraction, specialized tools are used to gently loosen the affected tooth and then completely remove it. In some situations an incision may be required to completely remove a tooth if it has not erupted properly or is decayed or damaged.

Schedule Your Child’s Dental Extraction Today

Does your child have a severely decayed, damaged or infected tooth? Think they may benefit from a tooth extraction? Schedule their appointment at OC Children’s Dentistry today! We would be happy to examine their oral health to determine whether an extraction is necessary.

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