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Orange County Tooth Sealants

Although brushing, flossing, and eating healthy are the best ways to maintain a healthy smile, additional protection for your child’s smile is always a great idea. At OC Children’s Dentistry we are proud to offer dental sealants, the perfect option for protecting your little one’s smile.

About Our Dental Sealants

Sometimes it can be difficult for children to brush every nook and cranny, especially the uneven surfaces and pits of the back of the teeth, called the molars. For this reason, dental sealants are typically recommended to help prevent cavities on adult molars. Sealants are thin plastic coating that are applied with a small brush onto the uneven chewing surfaces of the teeth (where food and bacteria like to hide) to provide a barrier between the tooth and food. It is painless and has been effective in reducing the risk of decay by 80% in molars.

When applied and taken care of properly, sealants can last for years. If your child likes to eat hard foods such ice or nuts, it can cause the sealant to chip off. Dr. Ruiz will check your sealants at each visit and inform you if any touch-ups should be made.

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Want to ensure your little one’s smile is as protected as possible? Schedule your appointment with OC Children’s Dentistry today for dental sealants! We are always accepting new patients and can’t wait to meet your little one!

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