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Orange County Space Maintainers

Has your child lost a tooth prematurely or may need one removed? Did you know having missing teeth can actually affect the position of their permanent teeth? Children who lose teeth early often have to undergo orthodontic treatment later in life to correct the spacing and alignment of their teeth and even bite.

Who Needs Space Maintainers?

In cases when a tooth has extensive decay or an infection, Dr. Ruiz will recommend removing the tooth. When a tooth needs to be removed, Dr. Ruiz will assess whether your child needs space maintainers to maintain the space for the adult teeth that will be erupting in the future. Space maintainers are needed to maintain the space of a baby tooth when it has been lost or needs to be removed prematurely. They will help prevent the teeth from drifting and causing orthodontic issues, such as crowding.

About Our Space Maintainers

Our space maintainers are a dental appliance which is custom-made per patient. Our space maintainers can be removable or bonded, depending upon your preference and child’s oral health. The space maintainer is worn to keep any open spaces open in the mouth, allowing the permanent teeth to erupt properly and come into their place.

Get Your Child’s Space Maintainer Today

Want to ensure your child’s permanent teeth erupt properly? Schedule your appointment with OC Children’s Dentistry today! Dr. Ruiz would be happy to evaluate your little one’s oral health to determine if a space maintainer is the right option for their smile.

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