Dental Crowns: Repairing Your Child’s Smile

Here at OC Children’s Dentistry in Orange, CA, your children’s teeth are our main priority. While pediatric dental crowns are uncommon, they are in some cases necessary to keep your child’s health from deteriorating. As children grow, it’s no secret that they may be more prone to indulge in sweets and exude dental habits that make them more prone to tooth decay. In the case that your child’s tooth decays to the point of not being cured by a dental filling, dental crowns can be the next and only option. In this article we will discuss the process behind dental crowns, and why they can help your child continue on the path of health and growth.

Know Your Crowns

At our practice, we like to use one of two different types of materials associated with making dental crowns. These are stainless steel crowns and white crowns. We prefer stainless steel crowns for the posterior portions of the mouth, as stainless steel does really well to withstand any hard chewing or grinding, and are virtually unnoticeable. In terms of the anterior, or front, are of the mouth, Dr. Ruiz will recommend composite crowns for the best aesthetic appearance.

Getting a Dental Crown

The process of getting a dental crown begins with first shaping and cleaning the tooth. This includes removing any remaining decay in the tooth. After the preparation is done, a mold of your child’s bite is taken to get a perfectly fitted crown. By the second appointment, the crown will be ready to be placed.

Taking Care of Your Child’s Crown

To avoid any chipping or cracking of your child’s dental crown, avoid allowing them to chew on ice or eat any sticky candies, such as caramel. Make sure they maintain good dental hygiene habits.

If your child needs a dental crown, have no fear! Dr. Ruiz and her team at OC Children’s Dentistry have the experience and desire to fix your children’s teeth!