Does Tooth Extraction Hurt?

As pediatric dentists, we understand the innate fear children have of visiting the dentist’s office. Which is why needing a tooth extraction may seem like an impossible mission for your family. At Orange County Children’s Dentistry, our goal is for you and your child to be comfortable and leave our office happy. Read on to learn all you need to know about pediatric tooth extractions.

What are some reasons for pediatric tooth extraction?

It is vital to keep your child’s primary teeth undamaged for their adult teeth to properly grow out. Baby teeth may need to be extracted due to accidents, decay, and to avoid blocking adult teeth. At times, wisdom teeth may need to be removed due to overcrowding and improper spacing.

Why a pediatric dentist?

A child’s set of teeth are very unique. Since we specialize in dealing with pediatric teeth, our dentists are highly trained in guiding children through stressful medical situations. Our experience has allowed us to provide you and your children a positive experience every time you visit our dentists. Our goal is earning your child’s trust by thoroughly explaining the treatments and procedures they will undergo.

Unfortunately, tooth extractions typically are uncomfortable for anyone, especially for children. When needed, our dentists provide patients with general anesthesia and numbing in order for your child to be completely comfortable and relaxed. After a blood clot forms, it will be safe to give your child some form of over-the-counter pain relief. A small amount of swelling and pain can be normal after the procedure. If the swelling persists or your child obtains a fever, this may be a sign of infection so call our office immediately. Call our office today to schedule your child’s next appointment with Orange County Children’s Dentistry.